Message from Principal

message from principal
Dhal Bahadur Khatri
Shree Nepal Rastriya Secondary School,
Gurbhakot-6, Surkhet

It's our pride to provide our service to our students and parents by using our own website of our school. We hope it'll be the key of information about our school's major activities like administrative, educational and financial condition to the global village. It certainly helps transparency of school administration. We want to develop our school as first choice of our parents to admit their children in our school by providing qualitative and skillful education to make students more thoughtful and hardworking behaviors in their future career. We know this modern age of communication and use of various tools to make wide approach in use of them. This website is the easiest and usable tools for teachers, students, parents, stake holders and others of our school.

I hope our school can use this web site as the information bank to collect and provide information to our school's children as well as parents. It will be the main profile of our school. We will display administrative, educational and financial information through this page. It will enhance the right of information to all stake holders who want to get easy access of information of school. At last I hope everyone can be the best our school's development in coming days. Thank you.

We have dream to organize different Technical subjects and Computer Engineering classes to implement in our school, and we are working hard on it as well. For this too, We need support to all the Guardians, Teaches and Local people. That is why we are organizing different meetings and necessary seminars too.Lastly, I would like to drop my huge thanks to all the Local people, Guardians, Students and Teachers and wish to get the same hands in up-coming days also.